Sanitary Diaphragm Valve

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Sanitary Diaphragm Valve


Diaphragm valve is a type of health,widely applicable to the health level of the wine, dairy products,beverages and other food industry as well as aseptic conditions of the pharmaceutical field, to achieve control of the pipeline fluid and on/off task.


Working principle

The conventional state of the diaphragm is closed, and the diaphragm is close to the inner cavity of the valve body at this time.When the diaphragm valve needs cleaning or need to open the task,bymanually rotating the handwheel or drive the pneumatic control device to drive the stem upward movement of diaphragm with spherical curved upward,so that the valve form a conduction state, can achieve the purpose of opening and cleaning.The diaphragm to the lower part of the body cavity and the upper valve cover cavity separated, so that the upper part of the diaphragm valve stem,valve core and other parts of the media from the corrosion,eliminating the packing seal structure, and will not produce medium leakage. Optimization of the body design, so that the cleaning fluid is completely excreted, will not form a retention phenomenon.


Teel components: stainless steel 304,stainless steel 316L.

Seals: EPDM+PTFE (three yuan+PTFE)the seals are imported sealing materials (conforms to the FDA177.2600 standard). A connection bolt and the perfect combination of EPDM/PTFE as a whole sealing parts,the sealing parts in contact with the medium parts of the PTFE material has excellent cold resistance (-25 C) excellent heat resistance (+250 C) is welI tolerated and has excellent fluid abrasion resistance of various chemical agents!


Standard Design

For the DIN standard series, 3A standard series, SMS standard series, ISO/IDF standard series,BS/RJT standard series,ASME/BPE and other standard series,

The valve components include: an actuator, diaphragm and valve bldy, is assembled with bolts and nuts, the whole valve assembly is carefully.

The actuator includes manual and pneumatic artificial rubber diaphragm, with various degrees of hardness, the body is two pass or three-way valve. The existing LONGVA serious of diaphgram valve specifications: type diaphgram valve, welding T type three, U type three general formula of diaphragm,etc.

                Sanitary Diaphragm Valve 

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